Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Route to Maharajji's Vihar areas

This is the route map to reach Maharajji on the vihar destination.
Please note that Maharajji will be in Solur today, i.e., 29 January 2011.
Tomorrow morning Maharajji will reach Sankighatta, and Maharajji's chowka will be at Sankighatta itself.
Tomorrow evening (30 January 2011) Maharajji  will reach Kunigal Jain Temple.

The routes are from Bangalore City Railway Station.
(Click on '-' or '+' of top-left of the map to zoom in or zoom out for better view)

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1)SOLUR (29 Jan):
Arya Idiya Mahasansthan
Next to Bharatgas Refuelling Station.
(A small town, so it wont be difficult to find out once you are there)

2)Sankighatta (30 Jan Morning)
In a very famous and very old Jain Temple- 1000 Years Old
It is 5KM interior from the main road.
Magadi Taluk
Contact Numbers for Sankighatta- 9480256443/8971441610

3)Kunigal Town (30 Jan Evening)
Maharajji will reach here on 30th evening.
By far the easiest to find as the Jain Temple is in the main market and is famous.


Kindly make the best use of the weekend.

And please note that all the destinations fall on the same route to Shravanbelagola (Bahubali).

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